LikeMyDiet Testimonials

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“I have been on this program for 12 weeks now, and for the first time of dieting I feel that the weight I have lost will not return. It has also made me return to my old and better habits of preparing food at home instead of getting lazy with take-away food.” – Paula, Ashwood, Melbourne, Australia

“ Thankyou, LikeMyDiet, for giving me back my figure after almost giving up hope with all the various methods I have tried to close weight. It has been wonderful for me.” – Tony, Epping, Essex, England

“Well! Once I had figured out how to organize myself with shopping and food preparation it was easy. It certainly hit me hard how I had become lazy with food. Anyway, the fact is that my weight dropped from 230 pounds down to 165 pounds over about 7 months, and I am confident that I will get down to my right weight for height, which is about another 40 pounds. The point is that somehow your diet works without me feeling particularly hungry. I am really happy.” – Clare, Dublin, CA, USA

“Dear LikeMyDiet, I am writing to thank you for showing me how to eat in order to lose the weight that i had built up over maybe 20 years of eating badly. All it took was to follow the meal plans – I purchased 3 separate weeks along the way – and the weight started coming off and is still coming off. I realised that it would help if I started to exercise more, so I am walking for a good hour three times a week. I have started my husband on the program as well, now, and I know he will benefit from it. I do use the ability to move a day or two around within the meal plan, as it means that I can make up the meals more efficiently. Without exception,I have found the recipes to be easy to prepare, and I use the shopping lists and substitutions lists to make planning much easier.” – Irene, Australia

“Thanks for all the great recipes! Wow! I’m actually excited by all this and it seems that apart from the shopping preparation, all I have to do is follow the meal plan I have purchased exactly. This will be perfect for me!” – Ron, Glenelg, South Australia, Australia

“I am looking forward to seeing a gluten-free version of the Like My Diet program, which I can then use for my husband. I have used the standard program for myself and it has helped me enormously.” – Christine, Exeter, England

“I can’t believe how much detail you supply in your meal plans for just $10. I have been using the same meal plan for 4 weeks and the weight loss is starting to show. I am about to put in my new details and will buy another week. I’ve only got another 6 weeks or so of dieting to go, I think, before I get down within my target range. I have told all my friends about LikeMyDiet.” – Annabelle, Canada

“I love LikeMyDiet” – Sonya, Frankston, Australia.