Frequently Asked Questions

You receive 1 complete week of a meal plan which has been carefully calculated and designed to help you lose weight. (Calculations are based on the information you supply in the initial calculator.

For US$10 Each meal plan contains:

  • A description of what you should be eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks mid-morning and mid-afternoon and dessert.
  • Recipes for every dinner, and some snacks where a small amount of preparation is needed.
  • A Shopping List to help you work out everything you need to have at home in order to prepare the meals and snacks described.
  • A Food Substitution List which helps you change some foods around, such as when items are not available or when you do not like certain foods in the menu plan

For US$30 Each meal plan contains:

  • 4 complete weeks of meal plans as described above.
  • Each of those meal plans are different, giving extra variety over the 4 weeks.

So many diets look at calorie (kilojoule) control as a means of stopping a person putting more energy into their bodies than their bodies are using. This control is important, but is not the whole story. Carbohydrate control, within a calorie controlled diet, is another important factor. A third important element is ensuring that correct protein levels are maintained. Often, calorie control on its own will destroy muscle if protein levels are not balanced with carbohydrate intake. This can lead to weight stagnation amongst other problems. The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn, the more fat you burn and your weight won’t rebound like it often does after other diets. Thus the key philosophy of the LikeMyDiet program is to combine calorie control, carbohydrate control and protein control – this results in genuine weight loss which is sustainable.

LikeMyDiet has taken this burden away by carefully working out the calories you will eat when following the prescribed foods and portion sizes. Also, as the previous answer suggests, we want to take the focus off pure calorie counting and make people aware thet the way to successfully diet is to control other factors as well as calories. All you have to do is observe and stick to the meal sizes, item weights and portion sizes described in your meal plan.

Yes that’s right.

Alcohol is not encouraged on the program as your body will burn the alcohol you drink first before it burns fat. Drinking 1 glass of alcohol 2-3 times per week, though, never 2 days in a row, should not impact your weight loss severely, but it may slow it down.

There is always the option of substituting fruit instead of dessert and you can eat this fruit at any other time of the day. Refer to the Substitution List for correct portion size.

About the same as a typical family achieves in a normal week – but if you want to eat fast food only, then this program is not for you. The program is for people who are serious about eating healthily and trimming down their excessive weight.

As each day in a LikeMyDiet meal plan is completely balanced in terms of calories, carbohydrates and protein, whole days can be swapped. So you could repeat 2 days in a row which means you just cook double the portion, enough for 2 days. Some people even cook extra to freeze so that if they repeat a day later that week it’s all ready to go. We have deliberately included days that have simpler recipes, so that you can repeat those simpler days as often as you would like – as long as you stay with the entire day’s food. (There are exceptions – see Q10.)

The LikeMyDiet meal plans are based on Western foods with some of the recipes having Asian, Mexican or Mediterranean influences. We will gradually add meal plans which focus exclusively on certain cultural food groups eg full Mediterranean, Asian and Middle Eastern meal plans.

Yes, but only where specifically indicated in the meal plan. Meals that can be swapped are shown similar to this:”Day 1 Breakfast…(or swap with breakfast from Day 3)”.

You only need to use this list if there are foods in the plan that you do not like or cannot obtain. The List will help you choose a substitute item of the right quantity to remain in balance with the original item.

We recognise the increasing needs for special dietary options and are working on adding these in the near future. Options will include Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Dairy-free etc.

Provided you return to the meal plan, a short break of over-eating should not have a big effect. It is up to you how strict you want to be, but straying from the meal plan frequently will impact on your weight.”

The LikeMyDiet program is designed not only to help you lose weight but also to help alter your metabolism so that eventually you can maintain your weight loss if you decide to indulge sometimes. It typically takes 3 to 5 weeks for your metabolism to begin to adjust itself, a quite sustainable time to follow the program. However, any period of healthy and controlled eating would be better than nothing, but the extent of any appreciable weight loss will depend on how often you can stay away from larger portions or eating ‘junk’ food.

Once you have made a firm decision to start the LikeMyDiet program, and you have purchased your first week or 4-week meal plans, make use of the Shopping List supplied for each week and mark off the items you already have in your larder/pantry. Use this marked-off list to then shop for the remaining items for one week. Having all the items at hand will make the job of food preparation a whole lot easier. Naturally you may choose to shop more frequently, after taking careful note of the ingredients required each day.

You have several options:

  • The most common option is to re-use the same week over and over until you have lost weight down to your right weight for height range or your weight loss stops – if you have a lot of weight to lose, you will need to re-visit the LikeMyDiet website from time to time to purchase another meal plan suitable for your changing weight. (see Q18)
  • Another option is to purchase a 4-week plan, which gives you a lot more food choices over that period.
  • If you have reached your goal weight or have reached a weight you are happy with, you can purchase a Maintenance Meal Plan. The Maintenance plans are similar to the standard meal plans that help you lose weight, but are set to allow you slightly more calories and carbohydrates so that your weight will tend to stabilise rather than keep dropping. (see Q20)

By logging on as a returning customer, you will have access to any meal plans you have already purchased for free download. This remains the case for twelve months from the date of purchase.

Yes. We advise someone in this situation to re-visit the LikeMyDiet website calculator and enter your information in order to purchase a revised meal plan approximately every 4 to 8 weeks, depending on how rapidly your weight is changing. (It is difficult to be specific about this, as weight loss rates can vary from person to person due to many factors including exercise level, commitment to the program, starting weight, changed circumstances and so on).

Yes. Your meal plans are carefully calculated using information you provide about your current weight, age, height, body frame and exercise level. When purchasing a new meal plan, some of the original information will have changed, namely weight,exercise level and possibly age and will need to be re-entered.

This happens a lot, so LikeMyDiet provides the option of purchasing a Maintenance meal plan which should stabilise your weight at around the weight that you start that plan. You can select this option before going through the payment process. You will see that the meal plan you purchase and download is marked as a Maintenance plan.

The LikeMyDiet dieticians and management support the importance of exercise in contributing to a person’s overall health, within the limits of the person’s mobility and other parameters such as medical conditions. Vigorous and regular exercise will assist most people to lose and control their weight, while the absence of exercise will make the task of losing weight harder and slower. However, the LikeMyDiet program is based on the level of exercise you tell us you achieve, if any, and the meal plans are selected accordingly. If you dramatically change your exercise level – such as starting a program of frequent exercising at a gymnasium – you will need to re-visit the website and enter in this changed exercise situation in the calculator. You can then purchase a new meal plan accordingly.

It is probably a good idea to visit a doctor first, before starting a diet, particularly if you are not feeling in normal health. You may have an illness or underlying condition that should be treated before considering a controlled diet.

LikeMyDiet employs well qualified and experienced nutritionists to develop our meal plans. Refer also to our specific information about this subject located via our home page. It is important to realise that LikeMyDiet can only provide dietary meal plans based on the general information that clients give to us via the on-line calculator, and without the benefit of detailed medical knowledge of the clients. If at all in doubt about the advisability of starting a diet, LikeMyDiet strongly recommends that you seek personal advice from your own physician.

On the best dietary advice, the consumption of fluid is essential for good digestion and general health, which leads to optimum weight control. Adults with no special health needs are usually advised to consume approximately 2.1 litres for women and 2.6 litres for men of fluid per day, with pure filtered water being the preferred healthy choice. Note that alcoholic beverages and normal soft drinks contain sugars which will impact on your weight. Excessive consumption of sugar-laden drinks is bad news for dieting. Sugar free and low/no calorie artificially sweetened drinks are acceptable.

A PayPal module is attached to the LikeMyDiet website, so you can use your existing or new PayPal account, or credit cards. Your payment will have all the security offered by PayPal, and your financial information is not disclosed to LikeMyDiet by PayPal.

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We welcome the submission of testimonials that reflect the genuine usage and satisfaction of our clients. We can’t guarantee to publish every one, but we will select some to add to our Testimonials page from time to time. Please submit testimonials using the Testimonial form.

Our current base is Australia with a view to developing multinational resources as they are needed.

This is a numbering system that helps us keep track of the actual meal plan in use. If you have any question to ask us about your plan, it would be useful for you to quote the file code.

Weight loss can be influenced by many factors other than diet and will power alone. Aside from the obvious possible errors in estimating the input details on the initial calculator about your own height, weight and exercise level (we all begin with good intentions about exercising more when we begin a diet!), hormone fluctuations, side effects from prescribed medication, underlying medical conditions, periods of illness, stress and pain can slow down weight loss.What we do offer is the general recommendation that, if you are in good general health and your exercise level is as you say it is, and you follow the menu plans accurately then our program should bring your weight down to a correct weight-for-height range.

As far as possible, the content of your meal plans will be quite similar, even though the calorie content maybe considerably different. You will probably find that you will be sharing the same breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, but your portion sizes maybe different. There maybe additional foods, such as a piece of fruit or an extra slice of bread, on one meal plan but not the other.