Easy to prepare..

Easy to stick to…

Easy to lose weight!

The LikeMyDiet program is specially designed for people wanting to lose weight at a realistic rate and on a fully sustainable basis whilst maintaining a nutritional and satisfying meal schedule. We take out all the guesswork. All you need to do is use our calculator to estimate how long it will take to achieve your goal & select the meal plan. Our dietitians will provide you with a meal plan, recipes & a shopping list.

A great variety of scrumptious meals that are fun and easy to prepare.

Calorie controlled recipes & a shopping list

What do I need to do?

1. Enter your details in the WEIGHT LOSS CALCULATOR.

2. This will advise you of your ideal weight range for your height and frame.

3. It also advises you of the number of weeks it will take (approximately) to achieve your ideal weight (at the lower end of the range).

4. Please be accurate while selecting your Physical Activity Level, as false information may provide you with a meal plan that is not quite right for you. You can use the calculator, however, to see the benefit of genuine regular exercise in terms of how much quicker it will be to lose your excess weight by starting or increasing regular physical exercise. For example, if you are sedentary at the moment, enter None for your physical activity level. Note how many weeks it will take to achieve the target weight. Try entering Light and then Moderate and see how many weeks it will take under those conditions. Please do not proceed to purchase, however, until you have reset the calculator to your true current physical activity level.

5. Proceed to purchase either a 1 week plan or a 4 week plan. The advantage of the 4 week plan is that you will have far more variety of foods than simply repeating the same single week over and over. See also FAQ Question 20 for further explanation of the reason you may want to purchase a Maintenance plan instead of the normal dietary plan.

6. After successful purchase via the PayPal module, your meal plan will download to screen ready for you to save and/or print.

Weight Loss Calculator

We have calculated how long it will take you to achieve your ideal weight

Use our calculator to see how your LikeMyDiet weight loss plan would look to achieve your recommended ideal weight based on an achievable target up to 6kg per month depending on starting weight and exercise regime.

Meal Plan

Meals designed by qualified dieticians to suit individual needs, calorie control, shopping list & recipes

By ordering now, you will receive:

  • Your customised, personal meal plan with easy to prepare recipes
  • Your shopping list
  • Substitution food list plus tips for weight loss
  • Same meal plan can be repeatedly accessed for 12 months

Maintenance Plan

Let us help you maintain your body weight

If you have achieved or are at your ‘Ideal Weight’ then LikeMyDiet offers a maintenance food plan to easily keep you there without further weight loss.