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Where else but in Australia, a country renowned for its clean air, pure water, healthy lifestyle, beaches, sun and great food, could be a better birthplace for a dietary program that exists to help people eat healthily and lose unwanted weight with ease.

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The LikeMyDiet concept started in 2011. It is a business unit of a private company registered in Queensland, Australia.

The concept, in simple terms, is to provide complete meal plans that are carefully designed with known calorie levels, carbohydrate content and protein content, and offered to a customer based on their personal needs, not an unworkable ‘one plan works for everyone’ dietary program.

The balanced nature of the meal plans means that a person will feel satisfied after every meal, and will be unlikely to revert to over-eating.


Customers receive a complete 7 day meal plan to repeat, mix and swap for as many weeks as required (or can purchase a 4-week set of meal plans to repeat, mix and swap for US $30) which includes:

  • Schedule of breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus snacks for every day.
  • Recipes for the main meal of each day
  • Recipes and quick preparation notes for many of the smaller meals and snacks.
  • A summary of foods for the week in the form of a shopping list.
  • A food substitution list to allow some personalised preferences in the recipes.
  • Hints on where meals can be swapped with meals on other days if desired.

NOTE: Your purchase is a one off, total cost with no hidden costs or commitments.

A great variety of scrumptious meals that are fun and easy to prepare.

The meal plan preparation is designed and supervised by our highly qualified head dietician with traditional and natural therapy experience gained over 25 years in:

  • Nutrition
  • Naturopathy
  • Neuroskeletal Dynamics
  • Bio-energetic Medicine
  • Acupuncture
  • Herbal Medicine
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‘See how easy it can be to reach your idea weight’