No Hunger No Cravings

LikeMyDiet’s nutritional planning for individual clients means weight loss occurs easily without loss of muscle or energy and without hunger or cravings… it is totally sustainable and the weight stays off!

Balance your Metabolism

Most diets are either low calorie or low carb. LikeMyDiet meal plans regulate both calories and carbs. This ensures adequate protein, sugar, fats and fiber intake to boost your metabolism and maintain muscle condition in order to lose weight.

Take Control of your Diet

Your personalised meal plans take the hassle out of dieting – calorie counting is not required.
Because you shop for and prepare your meals, you are completely in control of your personalised diet program.

Only $10 to Achieve your Goal

$10 USD is all you spend to download a complete personalised dietary package including meal plan with easy to follow preparation directions, recipes for main meals, shopping list and food substitution list.

diet calculator

Use our calculator to check your ideal weight, and see how a personalized LikeMyDiet meal plan can help you reach an achievable rate of weight loss up to 6kg per month.